May 2024


Book Snob

I am a book snob. Yes, the person who just recently posted that quote about “holding no knowledge in contempt” is a book snob. The whole rationale behind “Casual Reader” is to encourage reading and get into some book talk with no judgement of what a person is reading.

Recently on social media, I asked for suggestions for light reading — for those times when you just want to be entertained. One of the authors who someone mentioned is a fiction author who the more literary on social media like to “hate on.” I don’t want to “hate on” anybody, writer or reader.

I like to keep a challenging book and an entertaining book going most of the time. I think my next step is to choose one from the author who I had judged so condescendingly for my next “fun” book and try to set aside any prejudgments when I start it.


Why Casual Reader?

No longer than I have been following reading communities on social media, I have already picked up on a lot of competitiveness.

“You’re not a reader if you only read…”

“Audiobooks don’t count.”

Apps make it easier to track what you read over time – encouraging competitiveness. Admittedly, they also provide some interesting statistics.

Although I am on a classics kick at the moment, I can’t stand that kind of literary gatekeeping. Life is challenging enough already. Read what brings you joy (or whatever you seek).

“On these grounds Hugh particularly insists that the student of reading cultivate the virtue of humility: ‘For the reader there are three lessons taught by humility that are particularly important: First, that he hold no knowledge or writing whatsoever in contempt. Second, that he not blush to learn from any man. Third, that when he has attained learning himself, he not look down upon anyone else.’ Armed with this humility, the reader can safely pursue the wisdom to be gained from reading; the reader can be come a true student.”

The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, Alan Jacobs



Well, now that I have this little space set aside, I’m not completely sure what to do with it.

This may be a collection of quotes, a book journal, a commonplace book, some random mind wandering, or a wild combination of all of those.

Stay tuned!

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